Nabataean Stone Sculptures at Petra

The book is a complete catalogue of the stone sculptures that have been uncovered at the Nabataean capital Petra. It presents the characters of Nabataean sculptural art, which could be divided into two main types: the reliefs that were decorating buildings, niches and rock façade, and made mainly of lime and sand stones, and the complete marble statues.

The Nabataean sculptures showed a great variation in their presentation and shapes, they presented anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, as well as floral decorations. The greater number of sculptures had been made mainly to decorate the main buildings, in particular buildings of superior religious importance. Specific religious themes were selected to decorate the building stones mainly of the friezes and pediments. Most of these were found in the city center, where the main compounds of temples were situated.

The study discusses also the techniques, materials, and subjects of the sculptures. It showed the taste of the Nabataean artists, and clarified the Nabataean religion and the effects of other religions and cultures on the Nabataean civilization.