Participation in activities outside of Jordan


-           World Road and Cultural Dialogue Conference: Morocco, May 2007

-           Conference on Cultural Dialogue as the Means to Solving the International Crisis: the Netherlands, 27 June to 3 July 2007

o    Organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation (Organization for Intercultural Dialogue)

-           Conference on the Situation of Women in Middle Eastern Countries: Italy, 27 July to 5 August 2007

-           Ancient History – Eastern Heritage Conference: Spain

-           The Role of Women in Modern Society: Italy


Participation in other activities


-           Participated in nineteen scientific and cultural activities through conferences, symposia or workshops that were organized by Jordanian or international organizations and covered a broad range of topics

-           Management of heritage resources

-           Local community development

-           Academic honesty among NGOs in their publications

-           Cooperation between the government and NGOs

-           Dialogue among civilizations

-           Environmental issues/problems

-           Tourism culture

-           Increasing participation in NGOs