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Centre for Development and Tourism Awareness

Center for Development and Tourism Awareness

     As a national volunteer institution, Bait Al-Anbat (House of the Nabataeans) aims at contributing to creating a strong sense of awareness regarding the importance of the sustainability of Jordanian heritage and historical sites. It also encourages the local communities to participate in preserving them within a comprehensive, developmental perspective through organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and scientific publications.

       In order to achieve this vision, Bait Al-Anbat (House of the Nabataeans) seeks to highlight the urgent need for the integration between tourism, human, natural, and cultural resources in Jordan. One of the most important ways of achieving this is to place more emphasis on the development of sustainable tourism with economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits, based on the cultural values and original lore of Jordan. Accordingly, it is of paramount importance to create tourism awareness for people in general, and in touristic sites particularly.  It is imperative that it encourages individuals and institutions to play a more active role in developing tourism activity and the touristic product. This can be fulfilled through introducing local communities to the significance of the natural and cultural resources, emphasizing and employing them in tourism, and revealing the positive impacts of sustainable tourism development from which people can benefit, thus preserving the resources of Jordan.     

General Idea of this Project:

           This project generally seeks to operate a center which assists in spreading tourism awareness and education from a developmental perspective. It should be able also to spread awareness of preserving heritage sites and their sustainability; to develop local notions to benefit from the cultural and heritage resources and their sustainability; and to introduce the local community to new opportunities in this sector.

          This center, located in Wadi Mousa, targets local communities in Wadi Mousa, Saihoon, Baida, Taibeh, Al-Rajif, Ma'an Governorate and southern parts of Jordan. It is concerned with workshops, programmes of local education, promoting positive tourism values and supporting the pioneering ideas of productivity in the field of tourism development.
The Objectives   :

The centre aims at fulfilling the following:


1- Disseminating tourism awareness among individuals and agencies, concerned with the provision of tourism services in direct contact with these authorities, accompanied with a media campaign that introduces this programme.

  2- Organizing training and educational programmes for the workers in tourism, contributing to the trainees' acquisition of communication skills with other cultures, and clarifying the specific aspects of every culture and means of positively constructing mental images.

3- Organizing seminars and workshops for small and medium tourism enterprises to familiarize them with upgrading the level of the service and reinforce the concept and culture of quality.

  4- Conducting field surveys, concerned with the degree of satisfaction and expenditures of the tourists, analysing the service and marketing processes in the area of tourism, and disseminating the results and recommendations to the involved institutions.

  5- Issuing introductory brochures to the individuals and tourists to facilitate and enhance communication between the two.

  6- Establishing a special division in order to follow up and thus consider (in implemented programmes) the observations and complaints of  tourists, the observations of  members, and the media.

  7- Activating the role of the family in transferring the concepts of preserving the environmental heritage and the manner of dealing with tourists.

  8- Targeting the local communities, students, and special groups, such as addressing the employment of children in tourism.


The Targeted Groups:

- Workers in tourism

    - Owners of tourist facilities

         - Agencies and local organizations

-  Local communities

- Special Groups (School students, university students, and working children)